The winery is set among streams, imposing crags and lush vegetation in the shelter of the Sierra del Montsant (Holy Mount), at the edge of the natural park of the same name.

The Montsant mountain range has a pronounced mystical quality. Human activity has left its own influence alongside a significant natural heritage whose rocky, undulating terrain strewn with ravines and gorges fosters great biological diversity.


The Morera vineyard contains some of the most distinctive elements of the sierra, with its hilly terrain and the indigenous flora and fauna found in areas of great aesthetic and ecological value such as the Siurana river valley.

The Montsant area has a rich historical and ethnographic heritage, having witnessed numerous occupations and plenty of economic activity over the centuries. Human presence in Montsant has been a constant since prehistoric times, through medieval hermitism to the demographic, economic and social explosion of the 18th and 19th centuries. Montsant’s long heritage is evident in the Camino de los Cartujanos (Path of the Carthusian Monks), which once linked the 12th-century Carthusian Santa María Scala Dei Priory with the road to Prades and Lleida, and today still crosses the Morera vineyard.

 This stunningly beautiful country is the perfect setting to delight in both the landscape and its wines from a unique vantage point over the Priorat and its vineyards.

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